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Welcome Treasure Hunters! 

Hidden Treasures.

Treasure Hunting.

Treasure Map.

What could be better?

Seek Fortuna-Henry Avery Sigil

"I'm a man of fortune and I must seek my fortune."

_Captain Henry Avery

Seek Fortuna-Jolly Roger

So, what is Seek Fortuna?

Seek Fortuna is an adventure, treasure hunting, and history platform that offers an interactive
Treasure Map of real life, hidden treasures and missing artifacts.

New artifacts are added constantly, as there are endless amounts! If you thirst for
adventure and riches, this is for you! Check out the Sample Map below and then...

hidden treasures

Nelson Atkins Museum

hidden treasures

Somewhere over Peru

treasure hunting

Rocky Mountains

treasure map

Wish You Were Here

*Photos are free to use
The Ranger Map

Above is a little sneak peek of what our RANGER MAP looks like! With a membership you will be able to access the full interactive map, as well as options to upgrade to our FANCY MAP, which has ONE-HUNDRED Hidden treasures with their history. So, make sure to SIGN UP and join the crew-you get the Ranger Map FREE!

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