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Treasures in Texas

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Oh, the Lone Star State. Honky Tonks, pick up trucks, country music, and BBQ. That may be a bit stereotypical, but it is all there! From El Paso to Houston, there is a lot of ground to cover, but along the way you can find many-o-adventures! Texas also has a lot of history. Most prominently as part of the fabled Wild West. From the early 1800s, cowboys and migrants traveled across Texas, along with plenty of outlaw gangs. Many of these outlaws would hold up stage coaches, banks, trains, and anything in-between. From Jesse James to The Sam Bass Gang, parts of Texas were feared due to the reputation these individuals possessed. Along the way, much of their stolen loot has been lost or buried. In fact, Texas claims to have the most lost treasure than any of the other 49 states. They estimate it at being an incredible $340 million worth lost! So go put on your best pair of cowboy boots, hop in your F-150, and get on over to the land of the Longhorns. Legends and Lore Await...

treasures in texas
Treasures in Texas
  1. Red River

Our first lost treasure as that of Red River. At the First National Bank in Bowie, Texas, four robbers took $28,000 and decided to head North. The Red River, a prominent river that borders the Texas and Oklahoma line, was where they set up camp for the night, in hopes of getting into Oklahoma and eventually, Kansas. The problem was, word had gotten to a certain someone up their way about the robbery.

This certain someone was U.S. Deputy Marshal, Lewis Palmore. Quickly, Palmore realized that the gang would need to cross the Red River, which at the time was quite flooded. He made sure that he gathered a group together to catch these vigilantes before they crossed. Well, the criminals caught on, so the posse approaching and went diving into the river to escape. They ended up swimming directly up to another posse that was waiting for them. All four were arrested and taken to jail in Fort Smith, Arkansas and were eventually going to be hung. However, only $18,000 worth of bills was found. $10,000 worth of gold coins are still out there to be found today.

Before he got hung, one of the robbers told Palmore of his hiding place for those gold coins. He said that him and the crew buried them at their last campground before they were caught.

treasures in texas
Google Earth Corpus Christi

II. Google Earth Sunken Ship

This story is a bit of different one, but it definitely grabbed my attention! About 13 years ago, a gentleman who was looking on Google Earth somewhere North of Corpus Christi, found what he claimed to be a sunken ship. He ended up reading a book and learned of a hurricane in 1822 that took a ship down with it. He went to the beach nearby the site to test the book's theory and found gold and silver coins using his metal detector.

He wants to dig and comb the area for more treasures, but the land owners wouldn't let him unless the government gives him permission. To this day, he has not dug and the treasure remains unfound...

sam bass treasure
Sam Bass Treasure

III. Sam Bass' Treasure

One of the most popular and exciting stories from Texas' Lost Treasure Database. This one revolves around the legendary Sam Bass and his gang. Starting his career as a criminal, he and his buddy, Joel Collins, held up a train in Nebraska that ended up with a nice collection of freshly minted gold coins from the San Francisco mint. The stash ended up totally around $60,000.

People say that Sam didn't spend his money recklessly. He was more into the thrill of thievery and being a bandit on the run. So on his way back down to Texas, even with the great stash that he stole, he was still robbing trains.

Eventually, the state of Texas started to catch on and had to do something about it. The infamous Texas Rangers were given the job by the governor, to track down Sam Bass and his crew. They were to be taken dead or alive. Here's where it gets exciting. Sam and his gang were just as good or better at evading and escaping the Rangers as they were robbing trains. What stories have told, were that some of these chases were cinematic and bold. On numerous occasions the gang was close to be captured or killed, but they escaped by the skin of their teeth.

However, luck would eventually run out when they got to Round Rock, just North of Austin. They were recognized and a shoot out transpired. He was eventually captured after being shot in his hand and chest. Even though he was questioned, he died two days later on his 27th birthday.

Rumor has it that Sam buried his stash at multiple locations around Texas, including Round Rock. None of it has been found to this day.

the newton brothers treasure
The Newton Brothers and Brentwood Glasscock

IV. The Newton Brothers Treasure

Now this group of outlaws really seemed to get swept under the rug in terms of popularity. During the Public Enemy Era the names you here were John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Al Capone, Baby Face Nelson, and Dallas' natives, Bonnie and Clyde. But no one had ever heard of the Newton Brothers, and they seemed to be more successful than any of those mentioned above!

Once their story was eventually came to the surface, the brothers boasted that they held up about 70 banks and 6 trains. Willis Newton, the oldest brother, was the defacto boss. He had one major rule, don't kill anyone. If the gang could do this they could stay under the radar, and they did. They were also very smart about not showing their faces, different from John Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde.

Now far the fun part. Jess Newton was down in San Antonio out at a bar. Enjoying his liquor, he started running his mouth a little bit and may have said some incriminating things. Nervous that someone would snitch, he went and buried around $100k of the gangs' earnings around the neighborhood of Fulton. Still, it is waiting to be found.

V. Mexican Gold

A very quick story, because this fits more so into the legends rather than facts. But there is supposedly a vast Mexican treasure on Pugh Ranch, about seven miles East of Breckenridge, Texas. While trying to look up Pugh Ranch, not much was found. So, may the odds be every in your favor!

Also, check out these famous, five treasures that are still out there today!

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And if I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!

-Captain Kirky

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