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Where to Go Treasure Hunting?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The classic question, "Where on Earth do I go searching for treasure? I don't even know where to start." I get it, the world is huge and you are curious as to how to narrow it down to give you the best chances. You don't want to get in trouble, but there is also so much out there that you don't want to just let sit. So again, the question, "Where do I start?" Below are just a couple examples of places that you can check out and begin your searches. But just a disclaimer, please check your local laws before you do go searching on any private or public lands or waters. I wish you the best of luck!

Ghost Town of America

I. Ghost Towns

To start off the list, let's talk about ghost towns. You may have been driving along at one point and noticed a village off to the site that looked a little run down. No sign of life or movement anywhere besides squirrels and rabbits. You may have just passed a ghost town. Ghost towns are a great place to search for goodies, especially the older they are. However, sometimes old ghost towns are protected by the state in order to preserve some of their history. For instance, Colorado. There are many ghost towns in Colorado from the 1800s that are protected for preservation, but I am sure there are plenty in the Old Wild West that are open to visit. Try states like Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana. There are probably old mining villages hidden somewhere in the Mountains.

Agriculture Field

II. Agriculture Fields

This is one of my Dad's favorite things to do. He is big into arrowhead hunting and is constantly on the move to find a field he can search in. Farmers are constantly plowing their fields and uncovering old pottery, metal trinkets, old coins, and arrowheads. Again, please make sure that you have permission to go on the land. But if you can get that permission, these fields present themselves with great opportunities! Bring your hawk eyes and a metal detector!

III. Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

Now, this is something I have yet to do, but I am dying to do so. One of my favorite, if not my favorite, time periods in history is the Age of Exploration. I love the sense of adventure and nerves of steel that these sailors and explorers had after Columbus had found the Americas. Unfortunately, some of the ships did not make it through the storms and endless battles on the sea. But their shipwrecks and gold are left behind, sometimes not even too far off the shore. Head down to Florida, The Bahamas, or even Puerto Rico, and dive beneath the waves to see if you can find your fortune!

Stream in the Mountains

IV. Streams and Rivers

(Especially in the Mountains)

Living in Colorado there are many streams and rivers that form from the runoff of the mountain snow. Within these streams lie sediments, crystals, and gold galore. You will want to look for slow and fast moving waters as well as bends and little, off shoot areas of water.This is where some of the gold can get trapped. Make sure to check sand bars as well. Gold is heavier than most rocks, so it may be hidden below and hard to find. Again, bring a metal detector, although, some of it may just be gold flakes or dust.


V. Caves/Paid Gold Mine Tours

Deep within the Rocky Mountains there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of old caves and mines from the past that have been searched or mined, but perhaps there are some that have not been found at all! This leaves you a very good chance of finding something of value. Of course, it is mighty important that you brush up on cave safety and always wear a hardhat. And not as fun as doing the exploring yourself, there are also paid mine tours where you can pan for gold and get a tour of the mine.

Native American Rock Art With Vultures Overhead

VI. Old Native American Grounds

Located all across the United States, from the plains to the swamps to the mountains, there are Old Native American grounds everywhere. These mounds were used for several things, but most importantly, for burial. The mounds are hard to miss, as they are sometimes up to 20 feet high and look man made. Louisana claims to have the most mounds in the US. Out west, you may find cliff dwellings and old camping areas within the rocks. Be on the lookout for rock art. Truly fascinating step back in time.

Diamond From Crater of Diamonds State Park

VII. Crater of Diamonds State Park

Now, quite like the gold mine tours that you pay for entry, you can also head down to Murfreesboro, Arkansas and go to the Crate of Diamonds Mine. Around a $10 entry fee, it will give you a day's access to one of the only diamond mines in America. And guess what? It is finders keepers. Whatever you find is all yours. Feel free to check out their website to see their most recent finds, as diamonds of all sizes are found about every week! Truly fun for the whole family as well!

Now hopefully this gets you started on your adventures, as there are plenty of opportunities out there. You can start out really small too and work yourself up. Again, best of luck!

Also, check out these famous, five treasures that are still out there today!

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And if I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!

-Captain Kirky

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