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The Story

Ever since I was a kid...


I have been fascinated with maps, hidden treasures, and adventure. Like a normal twelve-year-old boy, I was obsessed with adventure flicks like Indiana Jones and The Mummy. I would make props that would mimic the movies so I could pretend to live the stories that inspired me, hoping one day I could do the real thing.

When looking at my first globe, I would gather up on my

geographical knowledge and daydream about being in those

exotic locations. I can even say that I have crossed

a couple locations off the list...

Now, ever since Google Maps has graced us on our

cell phones, I am constantly geeking out and going to

random parts of the world just to see the landscape,

street views, and to once again visualize me in that


But nothing has motivated me more than the

adventures of Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan, and Elena Fisher.

The Uncharted series recaptured the thrill of modern day treasure seeking

and the rush of adventure. Through beautifully crafted story lines and vast technical achievements, Uncharted has truly captured the spirit of international travel, history, and the thrill of the chase...

With Seek Fortuna, I want to give you the tools to do exactly that, to find those long-lost missing artifacts of the world, but it all starts with a map and careful planning...

We all have that sense of adventure deep within us. Doesn't matter, girl or boy, we want to explore the world and gain wealth along the way. We often live these adventures solely through video games and films, but never actually do it ourselves. I'm sure you would like to change that. I'm sure you would like to make it a reality. Live your fantasy. Join the adventure. Be courageous.


Seek Fortuna...

-Captain Kirky

Image by Adolfo Félix

"For where your treasure is, there will heart be also..."

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